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Living35 was launched in late 2020 as a response to an overwhelming need to provide support to automotive and technology based companies with consultation with sales, logistics and supply chain efforts. With 2023 we have changed automotive and technology supply chain priorities. Freight rates are ever increasing and incidents of shortages and bottlenecks have become commonplace. We have a huge opportunity to take different paths to succeed despite these challenges. At Living35, we offer a specialized relationship to our clients with an ability to support various business sectors. Our reach is continuing to grow as we assist customers/ clients to grow and succeed. Our partnerships with industry professionals in real estate, finance, logistics, marketing and social media offer a wide range of success stories for client.

What we provide

Supply Chain

Our reach includes being a significant participant in CSCMP – Council of Supply Chain Professionals. A 12 year role as now past President of our Great Lakes Roundtable – Kerry Zielinski is engaged in professional relationships with OEM, tier 1 and 3PL companies. His reach has continued from a 35+ year career in a variety of roles – finance, logistics, engineering, sales and management. We can assist your company with analysis, common sense review and consultative advice. We offer no pressure and listen to our clients needs.

Product Placement/ Representative

Our relationship with automotive and technology sector C-Level management gives us a unique ability to sell – share and review products and services. We represent best in class companies in their reach to purchasing, analysts and production – operations managers. How can we help bring your platform of products and services to the right people to see – demo – test and agree to contracts. We are available for this interaction. We win.

Management Support

Training and mentoring in Automotive sector lingo, news sources, future insights – and a general education on topics of Supply Chain – we can set up hourly sessions to review your specific future. Improvements come with change. Each management person is tasked with looking for inefficiencies and cost savings. Factory waste walks are an excellent tool to share ideas and note wasteful habits. Helping to “open your eyes” to ritual wasteful behaviors will enable cost improvements and help you meet management goals for year over year savings. We can help you meet your goals.

Sales Support

Hiring a full time executive sales-person can cost $200K plus benefits, bonus, etc. It is upwards of $300K a year or $1,250 per day for this support. With any long term hire – you are hoping for a return on the long term investment – and taking a risk that the person won’t move on before achieving the payback you expect. Finding these sales hunting “diamonds” are not easy and not cheap. Living35 can assist with this sales support – we make our cost structure into fixed -variable contracted agreement to help support. We are results based. If the success occurs – only then are the total costs realized. Less cost – less risk. You begin to position sales support into a short-term product or service period when the interest is at the highest point. You do not need to add full time personnel for a run at a new product or service without a history of sales success.

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